Zara Design

Zara Design is the brainchild of its founder, Bruno Zara, originating from his creativity and his passion for the world of designer lighting.

The profound synergy between the innovative ideas of the team and the best Italian craftsmanship gives rise to a great variety of solutions to brighten both indoor and outdoor areas, both large and small. Our lamps are handmade and produced one by one, constantly experimenting new techniques and materials. Customization is our strong point: we aim to create design lamps that meet with your delight.

We are a new Italian lamps manufacturer who strongly believes in the Internet: we sell all over the world our Italian handmade lamps online. "Made in Italy" quality is the trademark of our lamps. Tradition is emphasized and redefined for the modern age, for unique and timeless products.

Zara Design: light up your home, light up your living spaces!